July 13, 2005

If you read nothing else today read Charles Moore

According to a New Statesman article by Jamie Campbell, highlighted via a comment on Samizdata, there is a reason that Islamist terrorists and terrorist recruiting sargents like Abu Hamza are tolerated in this country, it makes us less of a target. Apparently radical Islam understands that a good parasite does not kill its host, so as long as the host country does not interfere with it's attempts to subjugate the rest of the world under Sharia it itself will not be attacked. And the subjugation of the world in an Islamic state is the goal of the Islamists, Islam has always had an expantionary political dimension. The prophet was not just a religious leader but a political leader that forged an empire. This has been toned down in modern moderate Muslim thought, but it is the cornerstone of Islamist thinking and does crop up even in the more moderate elements as Charles Moore of the Telegraph shows
As I write, I have beside me an article that appeared during our recent election campaign in Muslim Weekly. By Sheikh Dr Abdalqadir as-Sufi, it calls for the replacement of British parliamentary democracy with "a new civilisation based on the worship of Allah", attacks the Conservatives for being "in the hands of an illegal Jewish immigrant from Romania" and speaks of the "near-demented judaic banking elite".

These views are expressed by an educated Muslim in a Muslim publication. Are these Muslim views, non-Muslim views, anti-Muslim views?
Now that our special protection as a safe harbour has ended perhaps we can stop acting as a safe harbour. Islamists will not be satisfied until they control the world, they want to destroy our way of life. So perhaps instead of action against the almost nonexistant religous hatred perhaps it is time to stand up against the religous leaders that preach hatred and start deporting rabble rousing fifth columnists like Hamza back to a state that implements the Sharia law that they loves so much.


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